"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." - Saint Augustine

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Debbie Chung is the coolest girl I've met here in Korea

                                                                            silly me

                                                      THE COOLEST GIRL EVER!!
Ever since my arrival here, I've noticed the keen, sweet, loving, beautiful Debbie Chung and her amicable personality.  She was always so kind and giving to those around her.  I have grown a lot as a person here just watching her sweet charismatic character and the way that she treats others.  I'm so lucky to be considered as her friend. I wish I could be just like her and look like her too! DEBBIE CHUNG IS BEYOND ASAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's wayyyy cooler than me, more than I'll ever be!


  1. Ha ha this is a very interesting post! I hope the next one is about me!!! :)

  2. This is by far the most useful blog posting you've had Jewels! Keep them coming!!! ;)

  3. Haha this was NOT me! I gave Debbie my password since I was having trouble getting my photopeach video to post and this is what I got in return! ;)

  4. haha i was about to say, Julie did not write this post, i can tell by the writing style and tone! lol.

  5. Hey!
    This is Harley. I somehow stumbled upon your blog after searching for something...crazy. I have a question for you, can you drop me an email (hmrustad@gmail.com). Hope you're doing well back home, I'm in the middle of winter camp fun.
    Happy New Year!