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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 빼빼로 (Pepero) Day!

Pepero and a Starbucks drink that I got on Pepero Day!

Today was Pepero Day! Yum! Peperos are chocolate covered cookie sticks that you give out to your friends, family and people that you appreciate; similar to Valentine's Day. Peperos are the gift of choice since the sticks look like the date, 11/11.  My students were pretty hyper and excited about it today and I was lucky to get many boxes and sticks of Pepero. I'm pretty sure a few of my students even gave me boxes that their friends gave them. haha.

All about Pepero Day!

Here are some pictures from today...

Here's the big Pepero display at my grocery store.

Buying Pepero for staff at my school, my Taekwondo Sabumniems and my friends!

Stores had Pepero outside on my walk to school.

Pepero for Ms. Julie!

These are the little sticks that come in a box! My favorite!

He got these from his girlfriend! Ahh, 6th grade love...

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