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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chuseok Break Day 2-Everland

Day 2

Thursday morning we took off nice and early to make our way to Everland. We had to wait around for over an hour for our bus though because at first we were on the wrong side of the road and then we didn’t make it on the next bus since there were so many people trying to get on the bus for Everland. Sadly, there was only standing room when we finally got on one of the next buses and we were packed like sardines! Debbie and I were less than 3 feet from the windshield of the bus and then the driver packed more people on. The hour bus ride to Everland only cost 1,800 Won ($1.80)! Public transportation in Korea is so cheap and prevalent! If you know me well you know that I’m obsessed with Disney World/Land and it’s honestly one of my favorite vacation spots!

We finally got to Everland and I can't explain how excited I was! The park is very animated, decorated, and magical –just like Disney is back in the states. The rides reminded me a little more of Cedar Point and I’m not a big Cedar Point fan. We actually didn’t even go on many rides because we were so engulfed in the atmosphere and all the things to check out. The entire park was decorated with Halloween/Fall d├ęcor and there was a gorgeous rose garden and fountain area. We ended the night with a delicious dinner in the Holland Village area of the park (where there was lots of beer, chicken, wine, and varieties of food), watching the Midnight Magic parade, and a quick walk through a haunted house. On our way back to the hotel we stopped for an hour long 40,00 Won ($40) massage at this massage place that we had checked out the night before. We didn’t get there until a little bit after midnight and felt kind of bad for getting massages so late at night (though they say they are open till 1am!) We changed into these orange outfits that made me feel like I was a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. We started out with some tea and our feet in these buckets with warm water. The massage itself was rougher than massages back at the states and at a few points I was really uncomfortable. Right when I got up from my massage I wondered how I'd make the ten minute walk back to our hotel since my calves were so tight and sore! We made it back to the Metro Hotel and passed out pretty quickly as we anticipated our next day of our vacation.

Day 2-Everland Theme Park on PhotoPeach

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