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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come on and let me know...should I stay or should I go?

A picture with some of my 5th graders.

I feel like that song by the Clash is like the soundtrack to my life. Right now I'm in a position where I need to decide whether I want to come home in late December (like I had planned) or whether I'd want to extend my contract and stay for a year (my contract would end July 31st 2011).

Once I started teaching here in Korea I really thought about what I wanted to do here and what I felt my purpose was/how would I want to feel when I returned back to the states. I don't want to just teach my children English content, but to create a love for learning, confidence in themselves and the mindset of "I can do anything!" So many kids lack all of these things (especially in English class) and are very nervous speaking English. I think about my purpose here and I know I want to have these children not fear English, to enjoy English and to want to continue learning English long after I leave. After two and a half months I can already see great things happening and I know that if I chose to leave in December I would feel fulfilled, that I made a difference, and would value this experience for the rest of my life.

I consider staying because I enjoy teaching in Korea and all the life experiences that come along with this. I think about coming home because ultimately I want to teach back in the states and continue on with my education. I'm afraid that if I stay here in Korea that I may jeopardize my chances of finding a job back in Michigan for the fall since I would be coming home a little late (I know a lot of districts don't hire until August anyways). I feel like finding a job for the fall would be easier if I came home in January and subbed/got my name out there, made as many connections as possible, researched many districts, polished my resume/portfolio, etc. My dad and previous cooperating teacher from student teaching tell me that this isn’t the only time in my life to do this as there are opportunities over the summer to travel and teach and some teachers even take time off from teaching to teach abroad. Maybe I’d even like a job with the DOD where I’m overseas teaching American children. There are so many possibilities and sometimes I feel with me being so unsure that maybe I should stick to my original plan and I can always reevaluate once I’m home. But then there's the part of me that knows pretty well that once I'm back home with the people I love in the country that I love that it will be a lot harder to go off again- especially on my own!

I have a lot to think about, but thankfully don't need to make a decision until early November. I'm sure that will come a lot sooner than I expect though...

A fall view out the English classroom window. In the distance you can see the tombs where people are buried. Interestingly, people are buried above ground here instead of underground. 

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