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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chuseok Break Day 3-Insadong

Day 3

Our last day of our vacation was spent in Insadong. My favorite part of Seoul as of now! Even though we just had our massages it was a little uncomfortable to walk around with our backpacks and all of our bags! That’s one of the downsides to traveling with just a backpack…I never come back with just a backpack! At one time Insadong was the largest market for antiques and artwork in Korea. We enjoyed shopping around and seeing all the antiques, artists with their artwork on the streets, art museums, and galleries. We ended up at Ssamziegel which was a four story shopping complex with a lot of modern stores that had a lot of personality. I could have spent an entire day shopping there! After Ssamziegel we stopped by some more street shops and found a scarf store that had scarves for 4,000 won ($4)...jackpot! We all agreed that we wished we had more time in Insadong. We also wish we could have checked out Jungro Tower, but we’ll save that for next time!

Day 3-Insadong on PhotoPeach

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